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Food Safety

Food safety is our number one priority—we ensure that your product is safely handled from the minute it arrives on our docks to the moment it is delivered.

Committed to
Health & Safety

First Quality Produce complies with all local, state, and federal food safety standards to ensure that all orders meet the criteria of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures). Our plant undergoes a regular third-party inspection by Primus Labs. We are also certified by a GFSI-recognized (Global Food Safety Initiative) audit program, signifying our ongoing commitment to the highest standards in food safety.

Food Handling
& Safety

Sanitation & Hygiene

Plant Maintenance

Pest Control

Product Traceability

Employee Training

Strict Receiving Procedures

Recall Plan

Waste Control

As part of the food manufacturing industry, we have a unique responsibility to our environment.

The fresh-cut produce that we deliver is 100% usable with no waste, which is ideal for our customers. This process has a number of hidden factors to consider, including prep work, washing, storing, and waste removal. We fresh cut roughly 50,0000 pounds of produce daily, which means we can ensure that all waste is properly disposed of. Our plant recycles approximately 20,000 pounds of produce byproducts every day through the City of Fresno.

Committed to
Reducing Our Impact

lbs. of byproducts
recycled this month

Local Partners

We believe in giving back to the community we call home.

For many years, we have partnered with the Fresno Rescue Mission and the Poverello House to provide fresh produce to local homeless shelters. All of the restaurants we serve are locally owned, and very few are chains. We want to support and invest in local businesses like ours because we wouldn’t be where we are today without support from our community.

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